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Downtown Miami Waterfront


Downtown Miami Waterfront

Downtown Miami Waterfront


I have never been one to book a hotel room based on the view. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate them, or even that I don’t want them. Instead it is usually something I just won’t pay extra for because I fully intend to spend most of my time outside of the room. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for me to pay for a view that I will rarely see.

Receiving one for free? As part of an upgrade due to my elite status with a hotel chain? I’m all for that.

Meet the view from the EPIC Miami, a Kimpton Hotel. Ok, to be more specific, it’s the view from room 2702 which we received as an upgrade due to our Inner Circle status. This isn’t the most expansive suite in the hotel and I am relatively certain it isn’t the best view, but it’s pretty amazing nonetheless.

There are other great views from Area 31, the hotel restaurant, as well as the rooftop swimming pool. As always, we’ll have a full review of this property in a separate article. For now though, enjoy this amazing view and start planning a getaway to Miami this winter!

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