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Fresh Homemade Donuts


Fresh Homemade Donuts

Fresh Homemade Donuts at Surfcomber Hotel


Has anything ever been quite as delicious as fresh homemade donuts? I’m not talking about the garbage you buy in the grocery store that has been sitting on the same shelf for weeks or even months. I’m not even talking about the chain donut stores that make everything from the same bulk sourced ingredients to save money. I’m talking about made from scratch goodness at a restaurant that knows what they are doing.

I’m sure people will argue the merits of crowning fresh homemade donuts as the dessert king but I say bring it on. Cookies, cake, pies, they all get old. They are all fantastic to have once in a great while but the body tires of them after awhile. You get used to the taste of the chocolate chips or the sweetness of the apples and it dulls your senses. But these specific homemade donuts available at the Surfcomber Hotel in Miami are divine. I could eat these everyday for the rest of my life and be completely satisfied.

Yes, I would have one of the worst stomach aches known to man, but it would be a happy stomach ache. One filled with the joys only powdered sugar and that ridiculously delicious caramel sauce can provide. So bring it on fresh homemade donuts. You may be the most expensive donuts I have ever eaten but you are worthy.

Try them now at the Surfcomber Hotel. We’ll have a full review of the hotel in a separate article.


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