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Vero Beach Hotel & Spa


Vero Beach Hotel & Spa

Vero Beach Hotel & Spa


Imagine standing on a beach, raising your camera to take a picture, and turning away from what everyone else is photographing. That’s what we did to snap this beautiful picture of the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa where we have been staying for the last two nights. It’s a full service hotel that is part of Kimpton Hotels and has this private beach directly in front of the resort. Beach chairs are available along with kayaks and more for recreation while you visit.

The Vero Beach Hotel & Spa also offers balconies in almost every room, a heated outdoor swimming pool with some cool fountains, a hot tub with a waterfall, an on-site fitness center that is open 24/7 for hotel guests and hidden stuffed animals around the entrance for kids. There is also a restaurant called Cobalt on property along with a full service White Orchid Spa.

We’ll have a full review of the property in a separate article but for now we wanted you to enjoy the view.


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