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Picture This: Amara Resort & Spa


Amara Resort & Spa in Sedona, AZ

Amara Resort & Spa in Sedona, AZ


Twenty years have gone by since my last visit to Sedona, AZ. Truth be told, I can’t even remember it. When I told my family I was going back for a quick overnight, their first question was whether I was staying at the same hotel. Not this time, instead we stayed at the beautiful Amara Resort & Spa. Let me begin by saying that if you have never seen the Red Rocks of Sedona then you need to put it on your bucket list. From there, you can’t go wrong with a stay at any Kimpton property, let alone this one.

No, I have not been hired by Kimpton to only say good things about their hotels. They are just that reliable. If you have ever stayed at one, this explanation is not necessary. In Sedona though, the Amara Resort & Spa is located right in the middle of the charming shops. Set back from the road just far enough that you can relax but close enough you can walk. Not that any walking is necessary though with their shuttle service to nearby businesses.

As much as I could continue writing, this is not a full review. Just a snapshot in time of a pristine courtyard that overlooks the mountains. If you ever find yourself staying here, follow the trail past the pool and down to the river. It’s an amazing view that you would never imagine exists in a place like Arizona.

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