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Picture This: Yucca Plant Blooming


Yucca Plant Blooming in Southern California

Yucca Plant Blooming in Southern California


There are so many things in this world that I know absolutely nothing about. For me though, not knowing is a temporary state of being. It is simply a middle ground I am standing on, facing the path toward knowledge. In my eyes, not knowing something is simply a choice you make. Especially in a world where knowledge is freely available online.

The simple beauty of this Yucca Plant blooming in the Southern California Desert was a majestic sight. Driving my Jeep off road through a narrow dirt track probably intended for motorcycles made it even more special. You see, there are probably only a few people in the world who had ever laid eyes on this particular Yucca Plant. Even fewer who had seen it blooming, as it only does that from April to June.

I bet you didn’t know that Native American tribes have used the Yucca Plant for hundreds of years. Roots of the yucca are pounded to remove extracts that are used for hygiene, including for shampoo and soap. It is also said that the Apache used the fibers from the leaves to make rope, among many other uses that we can only imagine.

For instance, the primary medical use is to treat arthritis, joint pain and inflammation. But let’s not stop there. Yucca has even been used to treat migraine headaches, ulcers, wounds, high blood pressure and preventing blood clots. You can add it to root beer, alcoholic beer, and the dark brown extract has been used in ice cream and other foods.

So the next time you see a plant, stop for a second to think about what it actually can do. You might be surprised by what you learn, if you take the time to seek out the knowledge. In the end, I have certainly earned a newfound respect for all plants, including the Yucca.

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