Designing A Logo For Your RV Park

In 1971, a graphic design student named Carolyn Davidson was asked to create a business logo that implied motion and would fit on a shoe. The man who requested the logo wasn’t completely sold on Davidson’s design, but he decided it would grow on him and paid her $35 for the work.

The Nike swoosh has grown on just about everybody. You’d be hard-pressed to think of a simpler logo that is more recognizable. The design does imply speed, but it also suggests the letter V; Nike is the goddess of victory in Greek mythology. Who doesn’t want to be a winner?

It’s important to note that the swoosh wasn’t instantly iconic. Nike had a lot of work to do to back it up.

Obviously, the company’s leadership did something right. When you see the swoosh today, you might think of Carl Lewis, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, LeBron James and a host of other legendary athletes. No matter which NFL team you root for, your favorite players are all wearing Nike jerseys.

The swoosh somehow reflected everything that the young company and its potential customers aspired to be. Your campground logo should do the same.

Why Your RV Park Logo Design Matters

Imagine that you’re interviewing for a position in your campground. You’re excited because the next candidate has precisely the knowledge you need, an outstanding resume and ten years’ worth of relevant experience.

If he walks in wearing rumpled pants, a stained shirt, and mismatched socks, you’re likely to forget all about his qualifications and go with your first impression.

Likewise, your campground logo must make a strong, positive impression from the get-go. Researchers estimate that your RV Park website, for instance, must catch visitors’ attention within seven seconds. Creating an RV Park logo that makes an immediate impact is far too big a job for do-it-yourself software and clip art. People know an amateurish effort when they see it, and then click on the next business in the search results.

There’s more to a good trademark than just eye-catching colors and striking typeface. Art, science and a healthy dose of human psychology go into designs that stand out. Even the simplest campground logos say a lot.

Amazon’s logo suggests customer satisfaction with its underlining smile, but the smile does double-duty by extending from A to Z. Not only that, but the dimple resembles a cursor.

There you have the message in a nutshell: Customers who use Amazon find everything they need, buy with a simple click and sign off the website happy.

Before you choose the elements of your RV Park logo, decide what you want it to say.

What are your campground’s guiding values? Why do campers trust you? How do you want them to feel when they visit your RV Park? What do you most want them to say about you on TripAdvisor?

You might want an RV Park logo that evokes nature, wildlife, leisure, adventure, family closeness, safety, good health, and cleanliness all at the same time. Believe it or not, there’s a logo designer out there who is up to the task.

Think of your campground logo as shorthand for everything you want potential customers to know about you.

Elements of Great RV Park Logo Design

Designers have many tools at their disposal. They manipulate shape, color, typeface, texture, symbols, images and other elements to send subtle messages to consumers.

You’re professional. You’re trustworthy. You’re the best at what you do. You’re going to be around for a while. You have customers’ best interests at heart.

Color is thought to increase brand recognition by 80 percent, so it’s one of the first considerations. McDonald’s golden arches imply happiness and optimism. Coca-Cola’s red background suggests energy and boldness. Orange is used to imply friendliness, purple to signify wisdom and brown to imply history.

In short, there’s more to color than meets the eye.

Shapes have meaning as well. Circles indicate security and safety while squares suggest solidity and steadfastness. Triangles convey speed.

A campground logo design should be relatively straightforward. Clean, uncluttered designs are more memorable. The logos of Audi and Apple are two examples of less being more. They spring to mind for most people without any effort at all.

Another thing to consider is longevity. You want your campground logo to be unique and attention-grabbing, but you should avoid trendy styles that might embarrass you down the road. Again, a clean, classic design will serve you for years to come. No one will get tired of looking at it. Just ask Coca-Cola.

Like Coke, which has subtly updated its logo numerous times, you can always freshen or modernize a simple logo as styles change.

Consider, too, where the logo will appear. Will it look as good on a pen as on a T-shirt? Will it carry over well to your letterhead? Most of all, will it perform well on various mobile devices and social media platforms?

You have a lot to think about.

Copyright Issues in RV Park Logo Design

There’s another downside to doing it yourself. You could unwittingly duplicate a legally protected trademark. If you incorporate enough of the same elements, a competitor could dispute your campground logo and take you to court.

Trust us. You don’t need the hassle, legal expense or unfair ding on your reputation.

Leave It to the Experts

There are many benefits to trusting your RV Park logo to a professional.

Logo designers do this every day. They know what works and what doesn’t. They know which questions to ask to bring the design you envision to life.

They also have the know-how to address practical matters like scaling to different sizes, printer-friendliness, and cross-platform performance.

To choose a campground logo designer, ask about educational background, business credentials and length of experience. Ask to see logos the designer has produced. Ask for references and customer testimonials.

Most importantly, ask yourself if the designer’s personal logo inspires you to hire them.

Insider Perks has partnered with several designers to design excellent logos for campgrounds across the country. If we can help your park let us know.

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