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Employee Handbook

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We know it is going to take awhile to get into our culture, so this is our attempt to help you out. You should know right from the start that we are going to be a different type of company than you have ever worked for previously. Unless you worked for Google, designed lasers for the Pentagon’s secret space program or are an evil genius who previously attempted world domination.

We believe in empowering our team (that means you) to give the type of feedback and do the type of work that will determine how successful we are in the years to come.

This book is not intended as a comprehensive guide because it would be way too long. Plus, as you will soon find out, we like to be indecisive and change things all the time. So, to save your time and ensure you actually read this, we have only put the essential stuff in here. Mainly, we want you to have a calm zen-like place where you can go if you are questioning the world around you.

For detailed information we have BambooHR. Which involves Pandas. Look at their social media. Awesome.


The Insider Perks Team


To provide digital marketing services that exceed our client’s expectations.

Why do we come to work every day? Quite simply, it’s because we’re totally obsessed with the creative freedom we have to influence the lives of millions of people we don’t know.

Marketing. A word that means everything and nothing. A word that constantly changes depending on the latest tweak to a search engine algorithm or a social networking platform. A word that will evolve to be something we can’t even imagine with the introduction of artificial intelligence.

We will not be bound to a single word, though. Our purpose is to delight, to inspire, to innovate, to provide the kind of customer service and customer experience that our clients will love us for.

Everything you do has a huge impact. The social media post you are crafting, the review response you have reworded dozens of times, the email you are sending right now. All of these little things, these little tasks, these are the things that influence millions. Your words and work are changing the world.

To support our growth and achieve our purpose we use a variety of software that we feel will enable us to deliver better services than anyone else our clients might consider hiring. This means we are always taking risks, always looking for something better and always trying something new.


Existing marketing agencies attempt to do the bare minimum to be successful.

Their goal is to just do enough to not be fired. This must end.

How do we carry out our purpose?

We consistently provide services and support that no one else will provide. We answer the phone when people call and do not play the busy card. We do not make excuses, claim things can’t be done, make promises we don’t keep or tell anyone that we cannot find a solution to their problem.

To support our growth and achieve our purpose we use a variety of software that we feel will enable us to deliver better services than anyone else our clients might consider hiring. This means we are always taking risks, always looking for something better and always trying something new.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Insider Perks ensures that you have the best customer service and most dedicated creative minds all working together with the single goal of taking your business to new heights.


Conflicts may arise when you and other employees at Insider Perks pursue our shared purpose due to differing viewpoints on how best to carry it out. Also, you won’t always be working on a project that has an obvious and direct correlation with our purpose. When this happens, there is one goal that you should remember, above all else, to guide your decision-making and actions.

Do Something Valuable

Give feedback. Challenge the status quo. Take risks. Step outside the box.

We are stewards of our clients’ reputation. As a result, how you engage with the customers and potential customers of our clients will directly impact how people view their business. Give your best to every review response, every social post, and to every ad campaign. Make everything valuable.

“A good reputation is more valuable than money.” — Publilius Syrus


Who we are and what we believe


Our core values define a part of us all and we think the world would be a better place if everyone was:


You recognize and assume responsibility for work that needs to be done.

You are persistent in the completion of a task or goal.

You ask for forgiveness, not permission.

You understand that done > perfect.

You go the extra mile.


You put yourself in other’s shoes when defining problems and when considering actions or solutions.

You trust others and build other’s trust in you.

You communicate in a clear and concise manner because you value other people’s time more than your own.

You use appropriate styles of communication to fit the audience and purpose.

You set others up for success.


You seek knowledge and growth not because someone else wants you to gain knowledge and grow, but because you want to.

You challenge the status quo and constantly experiment to find better ways to do things.

You solve problems, not symptoms.

You are humble and recognize that there’s always more to learn and that new perspectives always have value


You are a delight to be around (most of the time).

You follow the golden rule.

You see the positive side of things while being realistic.

You use humor as appropriate.

You avoid drama for drama’s sake.


You hold others accountable and question actions inconsistent with our values and principles.

You recognize when a conversation needs to happen and speak up, even when it’s a difficult topic.

You embrace conflict and during one, you are hard on content and soft on people.

You ask dumb questions.

You are comfortable saying “I don’t know”.


You leave an impression of admiration, awe, and/or respect on others as a result of your work.

Your colleagues rave about the amazing results that you produce.

You are resourceful and persistent in identifying the right problems to solve.


Our guiding principles codify what we believe and act as our compasses if we get lost.

Be Replaceable

G.I Joe said that knowing is half the battle. Contrary to the evidence Joe presents, the other half is not guns. It’s applying that knowledge. We believe that the ability to apply knowledge found is just as important as finding it.

And so, in an effort to collectively apply knowledge that we’ve all found, we must systematize everything we can by recording detailed procedures for how to do things (our knowledge).

As the saying goes, you can’t be promoted if you can’t be replaced.

Change is Good

We believe that almost nothing is permanent. This is why we say that done > perfect and that things can always be changed. It’s why we ask for forgiveness and not permission.

It’s also why we don’t complain when there’s something we don’t like. Instead, we do something about it, remembering, of course, that the team comes before any individual employee.

Alan Kay said, “The best way to predict your future is to invent it.” If you don’t like what the present says about your future, change it!

Question Everything

A problem is a difference between things as desired and things as perceived. You can solve a problem by changing either desires or perceptions.

To change either, you must get as close to the root definition of a problem as possible. This means asking lots of questions, usually starting with, “Who has a problem?”

So in an effort to solve real problems, not symptoms, we ask “why?” a lot. Why? Better results in less time.

The Client Comes First

Our clients are extremely important. We love them. And we should always be looking for ways to make delight them. After all, we couldn’t have employees if we didn’t have clients.

Our clients are so busy working IN their business that they often can’t prioritize working ON their business. We must do that for them, and as such must always strive to better empathize with and understand our clients. This means putting them first.


We don’t think you should roll out of bed in the morning and want to roll back in. We want you to be productive, and that means we want you to be happy. So we believe in working hard, playing hard, and reaping the rewards afterward. (Hint: This means we are always looking for new perks)

But for this approach to work, we need to stick to some basic guiding principles. And that’s where our company policies come in. It’s crucial that you know what they are and follow them.

The Trust Policy

We want and expect you to think for yourself, so we’re not big on micromanaging. We hope to provide you with lots of leadership and very little management. We are careful to hire amazing people. Our goal is to unleash you to perform at your peak and stay out of your way.

We don’t have lots of rules and policies here by design. As long as you follow the principles outlined in this book, as well as in our Flow Policy, we trust you to carve your own daily path. You are an amazing adult, and we trust you to ask for help when you need it.


The Clothing Policy

Unlike the button-up, sophisticated, and intellectual environments you may have experienced, how you dress when you are working with your peers is relaxed. We want you to be comfortable, and it doesn’t matter to us what you wear when you work from home. When we get together, though, our only request is that you don’t dress in a way that would disappoint your parents.
Fine, we lied. There are two other requests. During business travel, as part of our Travel Policy, we ask that you wear business casual attire. Last, but not least, under no circumstances is it acceptable to wear Viking helmets with strapless evening gowns. Viking helmets in other combinations are allowed.

The Identity Policy

Remembering who you are is one of our top priorities at Insider Perks. You are part of a massive team of well over three employees now and your manager is directly responsible for organizing everyone. In an effort to not overwhelm them and cause undue stress, we have created the ID Badge.

Since there are currently no plans to hold weekly team meetings inside the Pentagon, you aren’t really required to keep this displayed at all times. In fact, in an effort to be fair, we do allow those people who have a legitimate fear of ID Badges to wear stickers on their foreheads that include their names.

There are some really good reasons to keep this ID Badge with you, though. First is that this badge will entitle you to free coffee and breakfast at Phoenix Coffee when you come in for team meetings. In the future it might be used for other cool things as well, so make sure you keep up with these policies.

A few other quick notes on identities. We’ll also be issuing business cards to everyone that you can use to enter drawings at random restaurants for free lunch. Beyond that we are fairly certain that no one uses, reads or collects business cards so just make sure to bring them during business travel.

Finally, please do not switch ID Badges for Halloween in an effort to prank your manager.

The Travel Policy

Once in awhile (until holograms are a thing), we might ask you to travel for business purposes. This might include things like visiting our clients, team building, attending conventions or something else.

We could ask you to travel out of the state, out of the country or ten minutes down the road. No matter where you go, this policy will help you understand how that all functions within Insider Perks.

Insider Perks will provide a daily stipend of $50/day to cover expenses on an out-of-state trip, a daily stipend of $75/day on an out-of-country trip and a daily stipend of $100/day for interplanetary space travel, excluding days you are in cryosleep. This is intended to cover expenses such as dining, tolls, fuel or other miscellaneous expenses. This does not mean we will give you this entire amount, it means that you can expense things as part of our Spending Policy up to these amounts each day.

Insider Perks will also, in addition to the above amounts, book and pay for any necessary expenses related to hotel accommodations, airfare or car rentals when required.

For employees who are asked to travel and are paid hourly, Insider Perks requires you to clock-in when performing any business-related functions. This does not include commute time, waiting around, dining, sleeping or eating a bedtime snack. It does include meeting with clients, performing assigned tasks and things like standing in front of an expo booth or attending a seminar on marketing.

Prior to any business-related travel, Insider Perks will require you to provide all the current documentation necessary to ensure a successful trip. This may include (depending on where you go), things like a valid driver’s license, auto insurance, a valid passport, or something else. It really depends on what the law requires us to collect or what our own insurance company wants us to have.

The Spending Policy

There are certain expenses that Insider Perks will always cover for you as part of our effort to be a better team and not have you shoulder an unnecessary work-related burden. Remember when you had to buy your own school supplies? We’re not about that here. If you need paper, sticky notes, writing utensils, an eraser dust mini cleaner, mini microscope, or a secret passageway switch, ask us.

For the most part these covered expenses will not change (such as us paying for parking during meetings) but if they do, or we add anything new that we intend to pay for, we’ll let you know.

To expedite the covering of these expenses, and to ensure you never have to wait for reimbursement, soon you will receive your own Insider Perks credit card. You are only authorized to use this card for the expenses we approve and for things covered in our Travel Policy.

Everything you use this card for must be approved in advance by your manager or clearly stated that it will always be covered (such as parking during meetings). For example, even though we are willing to purchase certain office supplies for you, each purchase must be approved in advance. If a purchase is approved we expect that you will obtain and submit a receipt to your manager for all items.

By accepting this card, you agree that if you charge anything to the card that is not an approved expense, you authorize Insider Perks to reclaim those funds by deducting them from your paycheck.

Should you choose to abuse the privilege of having this card, your use of it will be revoked. If this happens, you will be responsible for all covered expenses including parking during meetings.

It is your responsibility to report any lost or stolen cards to Insider Perks immediately.

The Insider Perks Office

Our business address is officially:

2515 Jay Avenue, #102

Cleveland, OH 44113 USA

Our regular team meetings are usually held here:

2515 Jay Avenue, #102

Cleveland, OH 44113

Parking is available in several paid lots that surround this building and as part of our Spending Policy you are authorized to expense these costs during days we ask you to be here.

Remember, team morale is really important to us. This means that you should not bring drama with you to work or involve others in personal discussions that make them feel uncomfortable.

Should you feel drama is necessary, we encourage you to apply for a job at TNT Television Network.


Helping you be all that you can be.

The Employment Policy

All employment decisions, including recruiting, hiring, promotions and being asked to move on from Insider Perks, are based solely on merit and on demonstrating our company values.

Decisions are not based on age, race, color, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or religion and all employment at Insider Perks is “at will” as defined in your employment agreement.

As part of our commitment to ensuring we know who you really are, and that you have not attempted to infiltrate our organization as a spy, we do require a background check through GoodHire.

Please also note that BambooHR should be checked regularly as we post vital information there including, but not limited to, required legal disclosures such as ADA, EEO and Minimum Wage.

Employee Referrals

Know someone that’d be awesome for a role at Insider Perks? We’d love to have them in the pipeline. Please remember that we hire based on our needs and merit, so don’t be sad if your referral doesn’t make the cut right away. Encourage them to keep trying!

Submit all of your referrals to Kendra in HR. If we end up hiring your referral, and they work for us more than 90 days, you’ll get $250 in your paycheck and a new friend at the office. Sweet!

The Role Policy

We know your title is valuable and it looks fantastic on your resume. You applied for a specific position, and we hired you with the intention of having you perform a particular role. The thing is, we pride ourselves on being flexible and you should know that we expect your role to be fluid.

Traditionally at Insider Perks, nobody has an actual title. This is by design, to remove organizational constraints and not cause anyone to feel like their job description can be found in a dictionary.

Instead, we have things we call ourselves, for convenience. In particular, people who interact with others outside the company call themselves by various titles because doing so makes it easier to get their jobs done.

Inside the company, though, we all take on the role that suits the work in front of us. Everyone is a Marketing Superhero. Everyone can question each other’s work. Anyone can ask for help. Everyone has to function as a “strategist,” which really means figuring out how to do what’s right for our customers.

We all engage in analysis, measurement, predictions, and evaluations.

Because Insider Perks does not have traditional roles, it can be challenging to figure out how Insider Perks fits into your long-term career plans. “Before Insider Perks, I was an assistant social media specialist at XYZ Company. I had planned to be a director of social media in five years. How am I supposed to keep moving forward here?”

Working at Insider Perks provides an opportunity for incredibly efficient and, in many cases, very accelerated, career growth. In particular, it offers an opportunity to broaden one’s skill set well outside of the narrow constraints that careers can have at most other companies.

So the “growth ladder” is tailored to you. It operates exactly as fast as you can manage to grow. You’re in charge of your track, and you can elicit help with it anytime from those around you. We believe that high-performance people are generally self-improving.

Most people who fit well at Insider Perks will be better-positioned after their time spent here then they could have been if they’d spend their time anywhere else. When your time with us comes to a close, you are welcome to use the best title on your resume that encompasses your future goals. As long as that title makes sense based on your work for us, we’ll back you up with a recommendation.

Resolving Differences

Insider Perkeans (yep we just made that a thing) should strive to live our values of Kind, Courageous, and Empathetic at all times. This includes when you have challenges or issues with another person here. Be Courageous and go talk with them!

Be sure to “walk a mile in their shoes” beforehand and, while you’re talking through things, make sure you first get on the same page with the problem definition, before you start coming up with solutions.

If you need help, go to your manager. If your issue is with them, go to their manager.

The Performance Policy

We know that it is human nature to evaluate and judge everyone for everything. The thing is, there is absolutely no one who wants to be on the receiving end of all that judgement all the time.

To avoid making your peers feel grumpy or resentful due to constant criticism, we have formalized two different methods of evaluation that will happen at various times throughout the year.

The first is the Performance Assessments that are sent out once every three months. These include a self-assessment that you complete to evaluate yourself along with your manager’s assessment of you.

What is super cool is that they are really quick. Plus, your manager won’t see how you have evaluated yourself until they have completed their own evaluation of you. That means no unnecessary bias.

The second is Peer Feedback. During this process, we’ll randomly select someone you work with and ask them to provide feedback on how you are doing. If you are chosen to give feedback on one of your peers, you will receive an email asking you to do so.

Your feedback will always remain confidential and only admins in BambooHR will see it. For reference, this is your CEO and your Chief Happiness Officer only. If that access ever changes, we’ll be sure to let you know prior to any Peer Feedback being completed.

The Naughty Policy

Nobody has ever been fired at Insider Perks for making a mistake. It wouldn’t make sense for us to operate that way. Providing the freedom to fail is an essential trait of the company. We couldn’t expect so much of individuals if we also penalized people for errors. Mistakes, since we are all human and no one is perfect, are genuinely looked at as opportunities to learn.

Screwing up is a great way to find out that your assumptions were wrong or that your model of the world was a little bit off. As long as you update your model and move forward with a better picture, you’re doing it right. Look for ways to test your beliefs. Never be afraid to run an experiment, sign up for a free trial of software on your own, or collect more data.

There are still some bad ways to fail. Repeating the same mistake over and over is one. Not listening to clients or peers before or after a failure is another. Never ignore the evidence; particularly when it says you are wrong.

We are all stewards of our long-term relationship with our clients. They watch us, sometimes very publicly, make mistakes. Sometimes they get angry with us. But because we always have their best interests at heart, there’s faith that we’re going to make things better, and that if we’ve screwed up today, it wasn’t because we were trying to take advantage of anyone.

All that being said, there are a few things we have to explicitly state that will result in disciplinary action.

  • Do not throw things at your peers. This includes, but is not limited to, large objects with sharp or blunt edges, live animals, liquids, fruit, motor vehicles, or anything that causes boo-boos.
  • Do not disparage others, be selfish, talk shit, duck responsibility, play the busy card, leave others hanging, make excuses, disappear, say it can’t be done, or make promises you don’t keep.
  • Do not argue. Disagreements are encouraged, but arguments are not. The general rule is that you can disagree with something twice but if you are overruled accept it and move on.
  • Do not question decisions, company direction or policies in front of your peers. We want your feedback, but we do not want it in front of the entire room in a way that lowers morale.
  • Do not break any laws. Think sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation.

Should you decide to not follow the above, to disregard any other policies, or to not complete assigned work, we will first ask you to offer an explanation. Assuming you can keep your calm, not yell, and speak in a voice that does not cause undue stress to others, we will listen.

If we have listened and do not agree with your reasoning, we will kindly ask that you not repeat the behavior that led to us having this discussion in the beginning. If you are still unable to respect that decision we will be forced to create an “official” document. We really don’t like doing that because, and this is true, they suck. Please don’t make us do that. No, seriously, why would you ever want that?

If we create one of those “official” documents and you are still unable to correct your mistakes that led to the creation of that “official” document, then and only then will further steps be taken. It is possible that we just aren’t able to coexist or that you feel that strongly about something. That doesn’t mean you are wrong; it just means that we think that direction is not right for the company at this time.

The last step in this process is us parting ways. Don’t worry, we understand. Just because we part ways doesn’t mean we don’t like you, it just means we couldn’t resolve our issues despite a ton of effort.

All team members must review and sign the separate disciplinary process guidelines electronically.


Helping you find your optimal work/life balance.

Work/Life Harmony

As technology blurs the line between our lives at work and our lives at home, formal rules make less and less sense. What really matters is output and results. So we leave it up to you to figure out your own harmony. Decide your own working hours. Choose where you want to work from. Take vacation when you need it. As long as you’re delivering awesome results, it’s up to you.

This sentiment comes with a few caveats:

  • You must put your team first. Your team’s ability to deliver results trumps your personal desire to work a different schedule or in a different location, even if you can still deliver personal results. This means you probably shouldn’t schedule a shift at 2:00 am.
  • If you are crushing it with a part-time effort, we’d prefer to give you more responsibility (with more compensation) unless previously arranged.
  • We’ll have team meetings, activities and travel that are sometimes mandatory.

All of these caveats have one important requirement: communication. You must communicate early and often. If you are unsure about something, talk to someone. Also, see our Communication Policy.

In practice, our current team works core hours of 8-5 ET, Monday to Friday, with some starting earlier and some ending later. You should not be working past 10 pm on any tasks for Insider Perks.

The Absent Policy

Since coming into the office is not required every day, we don’t make you raise your hand and say “I’m here!” like you used to do on school field trips. On a side note, we don’t have hall passes either. We have trust in you that you will show up, be present, and do the work that we need you to do each day.

We ask that you complete your availability for the following week on the Friday before that week. This helps your manager know when we can assign you tasks, such as reviews. Remember that if you are listed as available we have an expectation that you will be on Slack and checking email.

Sometimes you won’t be available, though. We get it. You might want to take a vacation to Mars (it could be a thing soon), you might have a strange red blobby thing on your arm, or you could have just received a call from the President asking you to save Earth from aliens.

For these things and more we have both paid and unpaid time off. Hourly employees accrue both vacation and sick time based on the hours they work and can use that how they see fit. Salaried employees have unlimited vacation and sick time, provided it is used within reason. No one is going to ask you for a doctor’s note or require you to have plane tickets to use the time you have earned.

For unpaid leave, just ask in advance. Honeymoons, sabbaticals, spa days, being the next contestant on the Price is Right, swimming with sharks, building a robot, welcoming a new pet to the family (babies count too), or really anything you need. We’re all in this together and work/life balance is vital.

If you want to schedule time off, use Gusto. If it hasn’t been approved within a day or so, follow up with your manager or with our Chief Happiness Officer so she can figure out why.

We know there are times when you need to have a day off on short notice, but whenever you can, please try to let us know well in advance so we can plan ahead. You are valuable to our daily success, and if you just don’t show up one day, then you manager will probably start panicking.

If you lose track of how many hours you have just reference Gusto or BambooHR anytime.


Insider Perks celebrates these holidays as official unpaid days off for hourly workers and paid days off for all salaried workers. You are also entitled to two floating holidays that can be taken throughout the year if you wish to observe an alternative religious event. Holidays are equivalent to an 8 hour workday:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Christmas Eve
  • Day After Thanksgiving

Insider Perks also observes the following holidays but does not take days off for them:

  • National Beer Day
  • National High Five Day
  • National Public Lands Day
  • International Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • Squirrel Appreciation Day
  • Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day
  • International Axe Throwing Day

Make sure you communicate with your team if you’re taking any additional days off around these holidays! Please note: We do not allow Axe Throwing at your peers, as noted in the Naughty Policy.

The Flow Policy

We do a ton of different things every single day at Insider Perks. All of our work is equally important, but sometimes we have work that is more time-sensitive than other work. We want you to set your own priorities every day but also to understand that our clients hold us accountable.

Be mindful of when our clients expect certain things to be done and cognizant of due dates set in places like Asana. These are guidelines set to help you be more successful.

If you have extra time, after your assigned tasks are finished, you are welcome to propose ideas to your manager or ask for additional work. You were hired to constantly be looking around for the most valuable work you could be doing.

How do you know what to consider working on next? Ask yourself questions like these:

  • Of all the things we do, what’s the most valuable thing I can be working on?
  • What can I work on that will have the highest direct impact on our clients’ happiness with us?
  • Is Insider Perks not doing something that it should be doing?
  • What’s interesting? What’s rewarding? What leverages my individual strengths the most?

Once in a while, you might want to work on something that doesn’t need to be done right now. That doesn’t mean we think your idea is terrible, it just means we think something else needs to come first.

Of course, it is possible that your idea really is terrible, like if you propose everyone eats spam for lunch. We are not eating spam for lunch, stop it, you know it’s a terrible idea, go stand in the corner.

The Communication Policy

Vampires. Bet you didn’t expect this policy to start with that, did you? No worries, we won’t dwell on them too long. We bring them up because we have an expectation that you work during the hours that our clients expect us to be available. Most of our clients don’t believe in Vampires, and that means that they don’t think we are Vampires. Thus, you should work during the day and sleep at night.

Also, just in case you really are a Vampire, we believe in equal opportunity employment.

Sorry, we get distracted easily. So, because of those expectations from our clients, this means we need you to answer emails, phone calls, and be available on Slack during business hours (when you are scheduled or listed as available to work) so everyone can communicate when we need to.

This doesn’t mean we expect you to drop everything to talk to us. It doesn’t mean you have to respond in less than 12.3 seconds or that you can’t respond and say, “Hold on, I’ll be right with you.” We are really patient; we just need you to communicate with us. The same way you would expect us to be available if there was an issue with your paycheck or we didn’t approve your vacation request yet.

In keeping with our goal to over-communicate, we ask that you check your company email as well as at least once a day to ensure you don’t miss anything important.

We use software to help us improve our communication. Some of these things are required, including Slack,, Help Scout, and LastPass. This is not a complete list, some additional items are optional, and we might add items randomly. In rare cases, these might make your life more difficult, and we encourage you to speak up if that happens as it is indeed not our intention.

Sometimes we’ll ask for your patience and explain how we feel it will make things easier. Sometimes we’ll listen to your feedback and immediately change course. Sometimes we’ll ask you to go out and find something better. Basically, we are listening, but sometimes things have to be a certain way.

The Stress Policy

While people occasionally choose to push themselves to work extra hours on an important project, for the most part working overtime for extended periods indicates a fundamental failure in planning or communication. The only exception here is your CEO who works non-stop. Since no one is his boss and we can’t write a policy for him, we’ll leave it up to you to ensure he doesn’t work too hard.

If regular overtime happens at Insider Perks, it’s a sign that something needs to be reevaluated and corrected. If you’re looking around wondering why people aren’t in “crunch mode,” the answer is pretty simple. The thing we work hardest at is hiring good people, so we want them to stick around and have a good balanced between work and family and the rest of the important stuff in life.

Some people want to work more hours and take on more responsibility, but the truth is that those people need to accept help from others and trust their peers to take on some of their duties.

While we won’t tell you that working at night or on weekends is forbidden, we really hope that you will spend this time knitting a sweater, taking random online surveys or practicing telepathy.

If you feel too stressed, your hair is falling out, or your left eye is twitching, please let someone know. When you do, we’ll suggest you take advantage of our Employee Assistance Program or we’ll suggest you take some time off. This won’t affect our opinion of you, except that we’ll be impressed with your honesty and willingness to put your own health above the company.

Everyone gets stressed. Except for Batman.


Showing you the money!

The Making Money Policy

We understand that getting paid is important. We want you to have enough spare cash to feed your pet turtle, attend that awesome concert or buy a skateboard to get to work each day.

When you begin tracking time (hourly employees only), you will be presented with several options to let your managers know what you are currently working on. Please be sure to use the appropriate task and switch between them as needed. Additionally, the note space should be used to provide a detailed summary of what you were working on during that time.

Paychecks are issued twice a month via direct deposit. Right now, it is set up for the 15th day of the month and the last day of the month. Sometimes this doesn’t work out correctly since we do not currently employ ninjas who can sneak into banks and deposit checks on weekends or holidays.

This means that your check should be deposited the last business day before the 15th (or on the 15th if it falls on a business day) and the last business day of the month.

Once in awhile you might see a random bonus, you might be pulled aside to discuss a pay raise, and you might even receive cool new perks or random gifts to make you feel special.

We don’t give pay raises on a regular basis or a previously set schedule. That doesn’t mean you will never get a pay raise, quite the opposite. It means we could surprise you with one at any time. If you want to increase the odds of this happening, be awesome.

Also, we discuss all kinds of crazy perks and benefits at random times. Most of these will never end up actually being benefits, and you shouldn’t consider them to be promises. The reason they are openly discussed is that we want you to be a part of the process, so you feel even more valued.

Employee Assistance Program

We want all of our team members to have a great work/life balance and as part of that we are going to be providing an Employee Assistance Program. Never heard of one? Read on.

An EAP is a voluntary, confidential program that helps employees (including management) work through various life challenges that may adversely affect job performance, health, and personal well-being to optimize an organization’s success. EAP services include assessments, counseling, and referrals for additional services to employees with personal and/or work-related concerns, such as stress, financial issues, legal issues, family problems, office conflicts, and alcohol and substance use disorders. EAPs also support management in the event of a critical incident or trauma.

It is vital to note that this is completely confidential. Insider Perks does not receive any reports of who used the service, what they used it for or anything about the reasons you are calling. In fact, we basically pay for it on the assumption you use it, because we have no idea if you do.

Use our EAP by calling (614) 451-9401 or by filling out the form here.

The Learning Policy

Life is full of opportunities to learn. We live in a world where infinite knowledge is available at your fingertips and where no one has an excuse why they don’t know something they should.

Here’s the thing, though. If you stop learning at what you should know, you’ll miss out on so much.

That’s why we want to provide the tools and resources necessary for you to grow. For example, we love encouraging the world to read and that means we love encouraging you to read. As part of your learning journey here at Insider Perks, we’re willing to buy you books to read. Seriously, that includes any book built the old-fashioned way (printed on paper) that you think will further your education.

We also pay for every single team member to have access to, an online learning destination that has hundreds of different courses. You are free to take any course on here, anytime you want.

Most of the time training will be part of your weekly hours. You can also bring a course you found on your own to our attention and explain how it would help your daily work. If we agree, then we’ll gladly offer to pay for the time you spend finishing that course as well.

So learn away, move your career forward, secure a brighter future and be wise beyond your years.

The Wellness Policy

It’s a fact: Healthy employees are happy and more productive. That’s why Insider Perks is going to do its best to provide some pretty cool wellness benefits to all of our employees.

We used to offer a gym membership, but due to Covid-19, we are reassessing how we can better provide a wellness benefit that works for all of our employees in a safe, responsible way.

Workers’ Comp

If you are injured on the job, no matter how slightly, report the incident immediately to your manager. On-the-job injuries are covered by our Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy, which is provided to you at no cost.

If you have a true emergency, have someone call 911 or take you to the nearest emergency care center.

Subject to applicable legal requirements, workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits after a short waiting period or, if the employee is hospitalized, immediately.

Neither Insider Perks nor the insurance carrier will be liable for the payment of workers’ compensation benefits for injuries that occur during an employee’s voluntary participation in any off-duty recreational, social, or athletic activity sponsored by the company (including wellness benefits).


Making sure the INSIDER PERKS environment is a place for everyone to be successful.

No Violence

We are serious about providing a safe and secure workplace for all employees. Long story short: be cool. Long story long, keep reading.

Threats, threatening behavior or other acts of physical or verbal violence, including intimidation, harassment and/or coercion, which involve or affect Insider Perks or which occur on our or our clients’ property will not be tolerated. Acts or threats of violence include conduct which is sufficiently severe, offensive or intimidating to alter the employment conditions at Insider Perks or to create a hostile, abusive or intimidating work environment for one or more employees, subcontractors or vendors.

We do not allow firearms, knives or other weapons in the workplace, so don’t even think about bringing one in. This applies even in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Violations or any potentially dangerous behavior should be reported to your supervisor or the CEO and will lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Reports can be made anonymously and all reported incidents will be investigated in as confidential a manner as possible.

Information Technology

When you’re using Insider Perks’ IT infrastructure, use good judgment. This means:

  • Be nice to everyone.
  • No malevolent hacking.
  • No illegal activity.
  • Keep confidential information safe.
  • Respect copyright laws.
  • No websites your mom wouldn’t want you to see.

Anything you do using Insider Perks’ IT infrastructure remains company property and we have the right to access and/or monitor it at any time per your device use agreement.

Having an ethical conundrum? Ask your manager.

Your Privacy

We value your privacy as an individual but sometimes we each must sacrifice some individual privacy for the benefit or our entire group. These situations are rare and we’ll make every effort to discuss it with you when it happens.

During the course of your employment, we may perform and update your background and reference checks. You should also note that your compensation and other individual benefits are private and you should not discuss them with anyone else except for your direct supervisor.

Information and Data Security

When handling Insider Perks’ or customer data, use common sense and always ensure that it’s handled securely. If you’re making a decision about data security that isn’t covered in this policy, do what you think our customer would want us to do or ask someone for help.

Password Management

Whenever possible, use Single Sign-On (SSO).

If SSO is not available, use a unique, 16+ character password for every website or account that’s used for work purposes. To be clear, each password for each website/account should be different. DO NOT just use the same password with one character difference (such as adding a number to the end).

You may keep track of these passwords in LastPass using your account provided by Insider Perks. completely hidden If you choose to do so, you can also setup a personal account for your own use in LastPass. These passwords remain from Insider Perks and we can never access them.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Whenever our or our customers’ data is stored or processed on a service that supports 2FA, employees must make use of it. This includes using 2FA on your Google email account and wherever possible.

The Updating Policy

These policies will constantly evolve. We’ll add new ones, changing the wording, and do other things based on the feedback we receive from you. Sometimes we’ll add something we find elsewhere, too.

As a result, you are expected to understand that this book is not complete and never will be. You should also know that our benefits can change frequently as we look to enhance them. This means that something we offer everyone today, might not be available tomorrow. It’s rare but it could happen.

We’ll do our best to provide as much advance notice as possible when things change.

When Insider Perks continues to grow, you will see that reflected in our policies. That doesn’t mean they will fundamentally change, but we might be required to add things or want to add things.

Even you can suggest we add things. Yes, you. Just not emojis. No, they are not cute. No. Stop it.

Plus, you can expect that as we grow, we’ll continue to offer new “Insider Perks”.

The Closing Policy

Sometimes, the philosophy and methods outlined in this book don’t match perfectly with how things are going day to day. But we’re confident that even when problems persist for a while, we’ll root them out.

As you see it, are there areas of the company in which the ideals in this book are realized more fully than others? What should we do about that? Are those differences a good thing? What would you change?

This book describes the goals we believe in. If you find yourself in a situation, a task, an assignment or doing something else that you feel isn’t meeting with these goals, be an agent of change. Help bring the group around, talk about these goals with the team and/or others.

We are so excited to have you on our team. Your time at Insider Perks will be one of adventure, learning, hard work, and excitement. You will change lives. Let’s move forward together