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Brian Searl - Speaker

Two people standing next to an RV at Lake Tahoe, showcasing a captivating marketing opportunity.
A marketing expert giving a presentation to a group of people in a room.
Brian Searl speaking at the Northeast Campround Association's annual conference.

Speaking Details

Brian Searl is available to speak at your next conference, seminar, convention, or 20 Group meeting on marketing, technology, or business strategy.

He is often hired to hold Q&A sessions on marketing, allowing the audience to guide the direction and obtain answers to their most pressing questions. He will intro this class with the fundamentals, discussing the role of the internet in today’s business world, followed by extensive time for Q&A.

Some of the other topics Brian can speak on are listed below:

  1. Social Media. How often to post, where to post, what to post, etc.
  2. SEO. How to rank higher than your competition, what information is important to Google, and what should be done first, etc.
  3. Reputation. How to monitor all of the sites and make sure you don’t miss anything. Should you respond to all reviews, how quickly, etc.
  4. Data. How to get it, what to pay attention to, what to do with it once you have it, and some of the data that you can ignore to be more efficient.
  5. Advertising. Where to advertise, when to advertise, how much to spend, how to not waste money, and how to track your results.
  6. Websites. What guests want to see, factors that are equally as important as the design of your website, why speed matters, etc.
  7. Branding. How important is it, where to start, what to consider and whose advice you should take, avoiding settling, consistency.
  8. Security. Website security, hacking, passwords, firewalls, more. How to make sure your business is safe in an online world.
  9. Customer Service. How to scale with technology, where to be available, how to use software to make service easier, what to use, etc.
  10. Technology. Embracing the future, marketing for your business and not with your personal feelings, adapting, automation, more.

Important Information

Brian will frequently wave his speaking fee for conferences he is already attending or for campground associations that Insider Perks belongs to. 

No event or meeting is too small. Brian can offer in-person consulting to a single park, advice at state meetings, or speak to hundreds.