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Picture This: View from Walt Disney World Dolphin

    After proclaiming in our last post from Miami that I never booked hotel rooms because of the view, I’m back with our second amazing view in a row. This time we are spending a couple days at the Walt Disney World Dolphin in Orlando, Florida. Why did we choose this resort out of all the others available in the area? ...

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Downtown Miami Waterfront

    I have never been one to book a hotel room based on the view. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate them, or even that I don’t want them. Instead it is usually something I just won’t pay extra for because I fully intend to spend most of my time outside of the room. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense ...

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Fresh Homemade Donuts

    Has anything ever been quite as delicious as fresh homemade donuts? I’m not talking about the garbage you buy in the grocery store that has been sitting on the same shelf for weeks or even months. I’m not even talking about the chain donut stores that make everything from the same bulk sourced ingredients to save money. I’m ...

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Vero Beach Hotel & Spa

    Imagine standing on a beach, raising your camera to take a picture, and turning away from what everyone else is photographing. That’s what we did to snap this beautiful picture of the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa where we have been staying for the last two nights. It’s a full service hotel that is part of Kimpton Hotels and ...

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