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Hotel Review: Aloft Tulsa Downtown

  I have driven through Tulsa numerous times but have never stayed the night. It’s not because I am avoiding the city, I have just always been on my way somewhere else and it didn’t make sense to overnight there. When you are traveling from Springfield, Missouri to Dallas, Texas though, you don’t have many options besides Tulsa. Unless of ...

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Hotel Review: Westin St. Louis

  When you travel for business nearly 365 days a year, it is absolutely imperative that you build in some downtime for the family. Almost everyone we share our story with has been fascinated by the idea of seeing so many new places but they fail to realize how much hard work it really is. For me, there are three ...

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Hotel Review: Sheraton Cleveland Airport

  Airport hotels had not been kind to me in the past. From my experience, they just seem to wear out faster then hotels in other locations. That doesn’t mean there aren’t excellent airport hotels, just that it requires extra attention from management when it comes to making renovations, improvements or regular maintenance. Since we drive almost everywhere, we haven’t ...

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Hotel Review: Westin Cleveland Downtown

  If there was one major city that you could legitimately call my hometown, Cleveland would probably be it. Although I was born and raised about a half hour away in Akron, this is the city I have always claimed as my own. Not because I have a false sense of ownership but simply because I identified with the people ...

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Hotel Review: Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh

  Downtown hotels can be both a blessing and a curse. That is to say, they have their advantages and disadvantages. You will be close to all the action but most likely have to pay for parking. You will have a better view but fight traffic to arrive or depart. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city but outside of the immediate ...

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Hotel Review: Aloft Charlotte Ballantyne

  Having just left our first stay at Aloft in a number of years, we were pretty excited to arrive at the Aloft Charlotte Ballantyne. I’m not the type to get carried away over a hotel stay, especially when we travel so much, but it is pretty cool when you find a brand the entire family enjoys. Of course I ...

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Hotel Review: Aloft Asheville Downtown

  Location is the name of the game at the Aloft Asheville Downtown as this property is within walking distance of almost anything you might need during a stay in the city. Restaurants, breweries, even an outdoor gear retailer that is actually attached to the hotel. This was our first stay at an Aloft property in quite some time but ...

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Hotel Review: Sheraton Music City

If first impressions counted for everything, the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, TN might win first prize and never look back. Of course hotel stays, and really everything else in life, never work out that way. There is something to be said for a nighttime arrival at this hotel though, even if it is a little hard to get ...

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Hotel Review: Sheraton Memphis Downtown

Sheraton hotels have never been the first brand of hotel that I look for on vacation. I don’t have anything against Sheraton and I certainly do not go out of my way to avoid them, they have just never been at the top of my list because I primarily travel with my family. That’s not to say that Sheraton as ...

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