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Digital Marketing For
Outdoor Hospitality

Marketing Your Business

If you believe that posting on social media is the single most important marketing strategy you can deploy in 2023, you are already losing to your competition.

It’s time to think different. It’s time to adapt to a world that is changing weekly, a world that wants to go camping and glamping but cannot cut through the noise. 

It’s time for data-driven approaches, using technology to solve problems, and above all else, measuring your results. Let’s keep talking if you are ready for that.


Absolutely everything you do is branding. It’s your logo, your colors, and your fonts. It’s the wording you use on social media posts, the way you respond to reviews, and the way your team members answer the phone.

Our design team can create amazing logos, flyers, brochures, business cards, billboards, and websites and help you respond professionally to reviews as well as craft excellent social content. 

Ultimately, this is an ongoing partnership, though. One where you can lean on us for advice, but one that takes us working together to create the best experiences for your guests. That leads to a memorable brand.

Social Media Posting

Forget about how many times you need to post per week or what time of day. Those things mattered years ago when organic reach on these networks was very different from today. 

What was the last hotel you stayed at? Go ahead, think about it for a second. Now, tell us how many times since you checked out that you have gone back to their Facebook Page to see what they are doing.

Unless you are a resort with a team that can create truly awesome content, you need to be laser-focused on providing information to people via social media that they can use to want to camp or glamp with you. Stop trying to go viral and paying someone on your team to create daily posts. The ROI is not there anymore.

Yes, you must post on social media, but stop expecting miracles. It’s one step in the journey to success.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is also a part of branding, people’s conversation about you online or offline. It’s your job to protect that reputation by listening to as many of those conversations as possible.

The biggest piece of that puzzle is online reviews. Not only should you know what is being said about your business, but you should also be responding to every single one of these, both positive and negative. 

We can help you in two ways. First, we can provide a custom dashboard that allows you to monitor all of these reviews in one place and respond in a single area to save time. Second, we can help you respond to these reviews if you prefer a neutral voice or don’t have time to answer them all on your own. 

Custom Website Design

Your time is limited. You must decide if that time is worth learning how to be a website designer or paying a person or company who already knows how to do this well. Neither choice is wrong.

The difference between the two is stark, though. One will be much cheaper and allow you to build a decent-looking website that you’ll do a good job on if you devote the appropriate amount of time. The other will give you an expert who covers not only the design, but the updates and maintenance, the hosting, the analytics, the integrations, the security, the revenue tracking, and the ongoing SEO and proves to you how much this website is really worth.

We can show our clients that their website earns them $20,000+ per month on average after we handle everything above for them and more with a custom-developed website. Isn’t that worth spending a little on?