RV Park Website Hosting

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Website Hosting For RV Parks

For campground owners who already have a website designed and need to move it. We offer best-in-class hosting, free migrations, daily backups, maintenance, more.

Website Hosting

For existing websites
$ 125
  • Hosting of a single WordPress website
  • Free migration from your existing hosting company
  • Includes basic daily backups and unlimited resources
  • This is only for websites that Insider Perks did not design

Website Compliance Package

Guidance for ADA & GDPR Compliance
$ 750
  • Custom accessibility statement for your website.
  • Best practice guidance and training on compliance.
  • Widget that allows for instant accessibility boost.
  • Privacy policy that complies with current/upcoming laws.

Speed. A word compromised of five letters that for many campground owners means the velocity at which the misbehaving guest is driving through their park. You put up speed limit signs, painted yellow lines on the road and are chasing after them with a bullhorn. We’re not here to talk about those guests, though, but we can help respond to their reviews.

What we are here to discuss is how important speed is to the success of your website. In many cases, campground owners will hire someone to design their site and not give a second thought to where that person has decided to host it. All that mattered was that the website loaded or that it showcased those beautiful images meant to inspire.

Fast forward to the present day. Attention spans of your guests are shorter than ever. Many people have no desire to sit and wait for those photos to load. Google says that their patience on mobile devices is even shorter. Not to mention that Google ranks your website in the search results based on how fast it loads.

All of this can quickly sound complicated and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. While there are dozens of different things that affect your campground website speed, your first priority should simply be where you have purchased website hosting. Here are some warning signs that you might need to make a change.

  • A speed test shows your website is slow
  • Your website goes down often or more than twice each year.
  • Guests complain in person about your website speed.
  • The person who designed your website doesn’t charge for website hosting.
  • Your website designer has never explained what a “backup” means.
  • Your website designer has never defined the words “dedicated hosting.”
  • You tap your own fingers while searching for something on your own website.

You own a campground, and that means you know what it takes to succeed. Just because technology is not your area of expertise, doesn’t mean you should demand better. Here are a few of the things we offer to every single client who has website hosting with us.

  • Cloud hosting on the fastest possible network we can provide.
  • Uptime monitoring that checks your website once every minute.
  • Daily backups and multiple restore points, so your data is secure.
  • Small changes to your existing website if it wasn’t designed by us.
  • Complete transparency and the best support in the campground industry.

Here’s the best part. You can have us design your campground website, but you can also bring over most existing websites and instantly get a boost in speed. We’ll help you migrate everything over, make sure everything works and won’t charge you extra.

Stop worrying about your campground website hosting and let us help.

Reach out to us with the form below, and we’ll schedule a time for a phone call. Don’t want to wait? Chat with us right now on the bottom right corner of your screen during regular business hours!