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Google Ads

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Google Ads for New Customers

Think about Google Ads like the road signs that lead people to your campground. Without them, how would new customers find you? Sure, you might get the occasional wanderer, but wouldn’t you prefer a steady stream of campers who are actively looking for what you offer? That’s what Google Ads can do for your business. We specialize in creating targeted ad campaigns that put your park right in front of people searching for their next camping adventure. It’s like having a billboard on the busiest highway on the internet. And the best part? You only pay when someone shows interest and clicks your ad. We can help you harness the power of Google Ads to attract new customers and keep your campground bustling with happy campers.

How Do Google Ads Work?

Let’s imagine that you own a campground near Dallas, TX. There are a lot of campgrounds in that area and despite your best efforts, you aren’t showing up on the first page when someone searches for “Dallas Campground” or “Dallas RV Park”.

You can set up a Google Ad campaign and tell Google that you want to show up on the top of that page and you are willing to pay them to make that happen. That is Google Ads in 3 seconds.

The real concern is making sure you aren’t throwing money down the drain by attempting to do this without help. Google Ads is the single most complex service we provide. Doing it right means you are checking dozens of things every single day.

If you can’t devote that kind of time then you should hire someone to help you run Google Ads, because while you can be successful on your own, you won’t truly know unless you understand all of it.

Before we get into some brief education, if you aren’t interested in learning anything about Google Ads and simply want to hire Insider Perks to do it for you, chat with us in the bottom left corner. We charge a one-time setup fee that you can select below, add to your cart, checkout, and have us start working on today for you. Google Ads can be running in less than a day for your campground.

Quick Education on Google Ads For RV Parks

You know the basics, now let’s dive into some additional details. There are several key parts of any successful Google Ads campaign that you need to think about if you are considering doing this on your own. First is the campaign. This is where you’ll decide on an overall budget or how much you want to spend per day as well as the locations you are targeting.

Next comes the ad groups and these are simply groups of similar topics. For example, you might have a campaign with three ad groups, one for RV park searches, one for campground searches, and one for cabin searches. Each of these ad groups will have a different set of keywords, and the actual ad copy that changes based on the topic of the ad group. Separating these into groups will help you target people more efficiently, make each ad more relevant, and ultimately cost you less per click if you do it correctly.

Let’s move onto keywords. This a list of words or phrases where you want Google to show your ad so people can click and get to your campground website. Don’t guess, there are tools you can use to research what people are actually searching for. Think about phrases such as “Dallas TX Campground” or Cabin Rentals Near Dallas TX” and so forth. But be careful here. You must understand the different types of keywords you can use, including broad match, phrase match, and exact match. Remember when I said it was complex?

Once that’s done you need to create the actual Google Ad. This is what will show in search results so think about it carefully. There is the main headline that can include several parts, the description that expands on the headlines, and extra pieces that will provide even more information called snippets. These can link to additional pages, provide phone numbers, driving directions, and more.

Now you are ready to start advertising and the real work begins. To be most efficient and not waste money, you should be tracking exactly who clicks, what they do after they click, and how much money they are spending or not spending with you.

You should also be making dozens of daily adjustments if necessary, including adjusting individual keyword bids, bidding more/less based on if the person is using a desktop/phone, bidding more/less based on the location of the person (Texas or California), adjusting how much you will pay per click based on the age of the person, and use negative keywords. 

If you don’t have time to do all of the above and more, you won’t be getting the best return on investment possible. You could save money by doing it on your own, but are you really saving that money or just giving it to Google instead?

Google Ads Setup



  • One-time cost per location No recurring cost for the same campaign on Facebook. Make changes to ad copy, targeting, even ad design for as long as this campaign continues.
  • Includes text ads, keyword research, complete initial setup. Pricing includes the writing of text ads for this campaign, figuring out which audiences to target, and everything else you need to get these ads running.
  • We'll manage these campaigns for you. Our regular ongoing maintenance includes adjusting, monitoring, reporting, and much more. This service is billed at 25% of your actual advertising spend each month.
  • Complete support, training, customized reporting, and more. We'll discuss your ad campaigns with you anytime while they are running, help you understand why we are targeting certain people, and we'll email you custom reports based on the data you want.