Understand Why People Are Calling Your RV Park

Take the unknown out of your advertising. Find out how to prove ROI and make sure that the money you are spending is worthwhile. Be confident you are making money.


Call Tracking Bundle

Per Month


  • Eight tracking numbers you can use anywhere. We'll use four of them on your website to track visitors but the other four can be used anywhere else. Print ads, billboards, social media, really anywhere.
  • Perfect for tracking all your website traffic Just like Google Analytics, we can show you what websites are sending traffic to you and resulting in phone calls.
  • Includes access to our call tracking dashboard. See everyone who has called all in one place, listen to recordings, view detailed reports, and so much more.
  • Includes recording options, call flow, much more. Additional options include automatic transcription of all calls, monitoring for keywords, and advanced call flows, plus custom greetings!

Call Tracking for Conversational Analysis

Think about this – you’re spending money on various marketing channels, but do you really know which ones are driving calls to your park? It’s like throwing darts in the dark. Call tracking is your night vision. It allows you to see exactly which marketing efforts are leading to phone calls, so you can focus your resources on what’s working and stop wasting money on what’s not. It’s not just about spending less, it’s about spending smarter. We can set this up for you, turning guesswork into knowledge, and knowledge into growth.

As an RV Park owner, you’ve likely poured a hefty sum into advertising, sifting through endless pitches from companies assuring you the best return on investment. Amid the buzz about social media versus traditional marketing, a crucial question often gets lost: Are your current advertising methods delivering the results you want?

Picture this. A well-established company from the campground industry approaches you, offering advertising space for $5,000 a year. Isn’t it fair to expect a tangible ROI on this investment? Or when you order 10,000 brochures to scatter across state rest stops and other campgrounds, wouldn’t you want to know if these led to a surge in bookings?

There’s a prevailing belief that tracking offline advertising methods is a Herculean task. But that’s a myth. In reality, shouldn’t these advertising companies be eager to showcase the business they’ve brought you? That is, unless the numbers don’t add up and your investment could be better utilized elsewhere.

We’re not here to pit one method against another, or dictate where you should invest your advertising dollars. We are, however, here to tell you that gauging the success of most advertising channels is simpler than you think. One such method is Call Tracking.


Unraveling Call Tracking for RV Parks

Call Tracking might seem straightforward, but its implementation can be invaluable. While you might want a marketing partner like Insider Perks to establish a robust call-tracking system, the truth is that it’s relatively easy to implement.

We assign a secondary virtual number in your park’s local area code, which forwards to your existing RV Park phone number. Your role? Just keep answering calls as usual. As for your campers, they notice no difference. The call connects to your campground without delay, providing the same service as if they’d dialed your direct number.


The Power of Call Tracking

Call Tracking truly shines after the initial setup. You’ll have access to a comprehensive record of every call received, the call duration, origin, and more. You can even record conversations for keyword analysis, live monitor calls to evaluate customer service, or use recordings for staff training.

But here’s the real game-changer: Call Tracking lets you generate as many local numbers as you want, helping you validate your advertising expenditures.


Call Tracking and Print Advertising

Let’s circle back to our original goal: tracking the impact of your print advertising. By now, the potential of Call Tracking should be clear. To delve deeper, here’s how it could work.

Assign a unique tracking number to your business cards, brochures, leaflets, etc., and track how many calls each channel generates. This data empowers you to make informed decisions:

Did the brochures generate enough calls to justify reprinting them next year? Did the advertising with a specific company result in booking calls? Is distributing business cards at trade shows a worthwhile use of resources? Remember, when a guest dials your number, they’re likely already 75% committed to booking a stay at your RV Park. Call Tracking offers a potent way to measure traditional advertising effectiveness in our digital age – a tool every RV Park owner should be wielding.